Want To See What It’s Like To Be Eaten By A Shark?

Shark eats camera
Zimy Da Kid

If someone says they aren’t at least a little afraid of being eaten by a shark when swimming in the ocean, you know they’re a liar.

This summer there seemed to be an increased amount of shark attacks that hit the news waves.

This poor woman lost 20 pounds of flesh from a shark bite and Nantucket Beach temporarily banned swimming when a group of great white sharks went on a seal killing spree, striking fear into beach goers around the country.

Fortunately, the number of people attacked by sharks is extremely low and the number actually eaten by them is much lower, but it doesn’t make the thought of being gobbled down by one any less frightening.

If you ever wanted to see what it would be like to get swallowed up by one of these massive creatures, here’s your chance.

A Swiss filmmaker called Zimy Da Kid captured one of the coolest videos you’ll ever see when he dropped his Insta360 ONE X2 camera down to the bottom of the ocean in the Maldives. A giant shark notices it and decides he wants to see if it’s edible and begins attacking.

The camera captures the horror of being gummed down by one of these monsters, although their insides are a nice white color and not as frightening as I’d have imagined.

Of course, that was just one stage in being eaten, the first being sharp teeth and the last being digestion, but hey, we can at least try to rationalize it, right?

Regardless, it’s an incredible shot that proves we as humans want nothing to do with these kings of the sea.

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