Great White Shark Bites Off Back Half Of Tuna On The Line: “It’s My First Tuna, I’ve Been Targeting Them For Years”

Shark eats Tuna

Deep sea fishers know that they aren’t the only ones out in the ocean trying to catch some big fish.

These anglers were fishing off the coast of South Australia and caught a bluefin tuna that was over 200 pounds…at least before a Great White Shark took a big chunk out of it.

Right when they were about to reel the tuna into the boat, the shark came racing towards the boat (cue the Jaws theme) and took a bite out of the big fish.

Just before the shark chomped down on the back half of the tuna, the person filming was providing real-time commentary:

“Oh my God, it’s a big white. It’s a big white. There’s a big great white. Oh…”

Big white, Great white, same thing…

The crew on the fishing boat had been working to reel in the big tuna (The Office pun intended) for close to two hours, and had it right at the side of the boat when the shark decided to attack.

It looked like the shark had already gotten a couple of bites of the tuna before it reach the boat, and once the fish was hanging out of the water, the Great White took the opportunity to literally bite the back half of it off.

Right as the bite happened, they yanked the remainder of the tuna into the boat, as the person videoing said:

“I still got it. Oh, my heart’s kind of broken, but pretty cool. I’m happy but I’m sad. I don’t know what to feel.

This jerk, this big great white comes and bites half my tuna off. And it’s my first tuna, I’ve been targeting them for years.”

The Great White Shark then tries to take a chomp out of one of the boat’s motors, which seems like a pretty good indicator to give up on fishing for the day.

Everyone is laughing about it and acting like that’s all fine and dandy, when I would literally be scared to death that the sequel to Jaws was playing out in real life and that we’d be needing a bigger boat.

Take a look:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock