Kyle Berkshire Breaks Record For Longest Golf Ball Ever Hit At Wyoming Golf Course

Kyle Berkshire drive
Nikki Howell

For those of you who play golf, you know how great of a feeling it is to hit a drive as good as you possibly can, and watching it soar down the middle of the fairway, or even driving a short par four.

However, a “long drive” for us average golfers is typically around 280 to 300 yards (No, bro, you didn’t actually hit that tee shot 350 yards like you think you did).

With that being said, imagine cranking a tee shot, and it goes a WHOPPING 579 yards.

Sounds impossible, right?

Most par fives aren’t even 579 yards, and the average golfer typically can’t even get to a par five in two shots.

Well, as wild as this may sound, long drive champ Kyle Berkshire actually hit a driver 579 yards.

Yes, you read that correctly.

And on top of that, Berkshire’s insanely long drive has landed him the longest golf shot in human history. Not to mention, the guy shattered the record for highest ball speed too, at a mind boggling 241.7 mph, according to Cowboy State Daily.

It all went down at Rochelle Ranch Golf Course in Rawlins, Wyoming.

And before all of you sticklers out there try to say:

“Oh, well the air is thinner in Wyoming, so the golf ball travels further.”

I don’t want to hear it. 579 yards is actually insane, and I don’t care if he hit the golf shot on the surface of the moon into outer space.

Even Berkshire knew it too when he hit it, saying:

“Oh, that’s it.”

The ball carried a whole 515 yards, and rolled another 64 yards.

Berkshire weighed in on why he chose Rochelle Ranch:

“I remembered someone said I should play there because it is so long. And I had it in the back of my mind to maybe check it out one day.

Then I happened to be driving by and  I glance over and see the golf course and wonder if that is it.

I’m thinking to myself for a while and look over again after about a minute, and I’m doing, like, 80 mph, and I’m still not past the course yet. I think, ‘This thing is gigantic.'”

Needless to say, I think it’ll be a VERY long time before this record is broken again.

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