Charging Bull Elk Nearly Runs Bow Hunter Over

Bull elk charges bowhunter
Drew Dulmage


That was a close one.

And to have a close one with such a big animal? Talk about a rush…

That is hunting though, you just don’t know what these wild animals are ever going to do.

Elk are some of the most prized game animals out there, and there’s a few good reasons for it.

They are truly beautiful animals, unique in the deer family in their look, especially in North America. These beasts grow massive as the second largest member of the deer family. Second only to moose, they can reach weights of over 1,000 pounds.

Beyond their size, they grow majestic antlers. Up to 6 feet long, with multiple sharp points coming off them, these bulls use their antlers as a display for mating and fighting.

Elk also have some of the coolest vocalizations out there. Their bugle is known far and wide and sounds nothing else like it in the woods.

Hunting elk often happens during the rut, and hunters will use calls to draw a big bull towards them. If they are using a bow, this requires a ton of skill, patience, and a bit of luck to get the bull within range.

It is a thrilling experience to say the least.

This hunter certainly had a wild one.

This bow hunter is seen getting ready as a bull elk moves in. It’s difficult to tell from the video, but as the bull comes in, the hunter draws back, and lets an arrow fly. It seems like he hits him right behind the shoulder, and it sends the bull running, but he may have missed.

But then, the bull turns around and makes a run for the bowhunter. The hunter pulls back, but the elk just keeps coming full speed.

Instead of running in front of them, the elk cuts right for the hunter, who nocks another arrow and draws back with the elk right in his kitchen. He lets another fly, just a foot or two from the elk.

It’s unclear if he ever downed the elk, but that is as close of an encounter as you can have.

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