Oklahoma Couple Goes Viral After They Dressed As Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce For Halloween… Back In 2020

Travis Kelce Taylor Swift
Makayla Stephens

Talk about predicting the future.

It’s no secret that the pop world and NFL worlds have collided, with the news of Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and pop superstar Taylor Swift reportedly dating.

Swift has made an appearance at Kelce’s last two games in support of him, and pretty much all of the signs are pointing towards a relationship between the two.

Not to mention, there’s the senseless fight between Swifties and NFL fans, as Swifties are claiming (whether in jest, or not) that nobody knew who Kelce was until he started dating Swift, while any NFL fan knows that Kelce has been the best tight end in the league for a long time, and could be the best to ever do it when his career is all said and done.

But anyways, back to this story…

An Oklahoma couple is currently going viral for dressing up as Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift on Halloween.

But the catch?

They dressed up as the two back in 2020.

Makayla Stephens shared the picture of her and her husband Nick back in October of 2020, with Makayla dressing up as Taylor on her Lover album cover. And of course, Nick is repping the red Kelce Chiefs jersey.

Ironically enough, Makayla captioned the picture:

“I don’t know any world in which Taylor Swift + Travis Kelce would be in the same room together, but apparently in this one they’re married?”

And now, it appears that the two superstars are in the same room a lot.

Now it would be really crazy if somehow, someway, Kelce and Swift worked out and actually got married.

However, I’m fully expecting a crash and burn breakup that leads to a 20 song album from Swift about how much she hates football now.

Check it out:

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