Giraffe Kicks The Everliving Daylights Out Of Pestering Ostrich

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Giraffes might not be looked at as the most dangerous animal in the wild kingdom, but this video proves that they can surprisingly pack a punch…or a kick I guess.

This is probably the perfect representation of “enough is enough.” We don’t get the full context of the video, though how the encounter between the giraffe and the ostrich finishes gives us all the context clues we need.

Clearly the ostrich was giving the giraffe some trouble, and solely based on the power behind the kick, it had been going on for a while. We’ve all seen a horse kick something with its back legs, and a giraffe is basically just a long-necked horse (even though giraffes are actually more related to deer), so it’s not all that surprising.

And while we are on the subject, let’s not skip over the fact that this is all happening between two of the weirdest living things on the planet. On one hand, you’ve got the tallest mammal in the world with a neck that’s super long for no real scientific reason, and on the other, you’ve got the world’s largest bird.

I think it’s easy to forget how strange ostriches are, so I’m here to remind you. They are still technically birds, even though they are flightless and outweigh your regular ole songbird by 200 pounds or more.

Ostriches can’t fly, but they can run really fast, and have the fastest land speed of any bird (which isn’t all that impressive considering basically every other bird can zip around through the air).

Basically, this matchup is between two animals that don’t make a whole lot of sense. The kick is really only worthwhile because, as the caption for the video states, it was a “battle for long neck supremacy.”

Take a look:

X users (formerly Twitter users) were stunned by the giraffe’s aggressive kick, and sent out their thoughts about the “battle of the long necks” in the reply section below:

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