Bear Accidentally Hits Itself In The Nuts Messing With Outdoor Water Tank

Bear hit by water tank
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Sometimes life comes at you pretty fast, as this bear discovered when a back scratch ended with the bruin in a heap of physical suffering.

This security footage is phenomenal, and shows that humans and animals aren’t all that different. The bruin in the video was going for a back scratch and ended up accidentally nut-tapping itself.

Now I’m not trying to say that happens to humans a lot too (the back-scratch-accidental-nut-tap), but it’s probably safe to say that an accidental shot to the family jewels does happen from time to time.

The bear walks up to a wooden fence post and knows that if he positions himself in the right place, it just might scratch that itch that’s been bothering it.

However, it didn’t do a good job of assessing the whole area, and didn’t realize that a loose hose/tube was hanging from the top of the post (possibly connected to/for the water tank).

While it was in the middle of the back scratch, the hose starts to come across its face, and in an effort to slap it away, it accidentally pulls it and send it flying over its shoulder.

That when the hose starts to narrow in on the bear’s private parts, and in an “oh no” moment, it makes direct contact. The bruin immediately comes down from the post to try and walk it off, but the snap of the hose appears to have done a number.

How do I know? Pay close attention to the brief moment where the bear tries to “air it out” shortly before falling to the ground in a heap of pain. The direct shot basically makes the bear useless as it lies in pain on the ground, and then proceeds to try to roll it off.

There are probably going to be a lot of people that read this and find themselves relating to the bear. It doesn’t look bad, but trust the bear’s reaction, because it is.

Take a look:

The YouTube comments sections can sometimes be a dangerous place, but with this video, there was actually a lot of sympathy (and a few jokes) for the curious bear:

“You could clearly see the transition between the different stages of pain this guy felt.”

“It’s a strange feeling being able to sympathize so deeply with a bear.”

“That delayed reaction between the ‘ow that hurt’ phase and the crippling of bodily functions phase is universal.”

“That moment after where you think maybe it wasn’t so bad and then the pain blooms in your stomach and your incapacitated.”

“This is the true meaning of unbearable pain.”

I’m always here for a pun, so that last one is right up my alley…

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