Garth Brooks Follows Less Than 100 People On Social Media… And It’s A Weird List

Garth Brooks country music
Garth Brooks

You never quite know what G is really thinking.

He loves crying, has an insane alter ego (with 5 new albums in the chamber), doesn’t quite understand how to use social media, and may or may not have a large number of bodies buried in his backyard

So to try and understand him a bit better, I decided to check who he followed on social media. Honestly, it’s very telling, since it’s literally who they choose to see things from.

But, with Garth Brooks, it made me even more confused. Most people will follow at least a few hundred accounts, but G follows a combined total of 64 on Instagram and Twitter (or X or whatever we’re calling it today).

Let’s do a deep dive into some of the people on this extremely exclusive list:


Trisha Yearwood

This one was obvious. You’ve got to follow your wife…

Larry Fitzgerald

Larry is an absolute legend, but seems a bit out of place that Garth would choose him to be one of the select 14. The Arizona Cardinal retired after playing 17 seasons with the team, which is almost the number of live albums Garth has released.

The ACM Awards

Why does an award ceremony even have an account?

Mike Fisher, Carrie Underwood’s Husband

Former Ottawa Senator and Nashville Predator make the exclusive club. What an honor.

Carrie Underwood

I had to list her husband first, you know the game…

Chris Pratt

Chris made a crazy jump from being the bumbling, lovable Andy Dwyer on Parks & Rec to a certified badass who tames dinosaurs and saves the world a few times a year. That type of inspiration is enough to make G shed some tears.


Hey, everyone loves a good nature video, but I suggest he give Riff Outdoors a follow to get even better wildlife content.


I’m not going to list all 47, especially since there’s a few obvious ones like Trisha, the Grand Ole Opry, Brad Paisley, Blake Shelton, etc. Here’s just a few of the oddest choices.


A Garth Brooks super fan named Ryan with 192 followers, including the man himself. He’s been to 35 live shows (and counting) and is a self proclaimed #Funatic


I would kill for some Garth covers of Cher songs… think he’d wear the outfits too?

Mike Tomlin

As a diehard Pittsburgh Steelers fan, I have only one thing to say… THE STANDARD IS THE STANDARD.

Ashton Kutcher

Wonder if he was a fan of Punk’d?


Gotta keep up on the latest episodes of Big Brother 25.


Mr. Worldwide!

Nancy Seltzer

Probably a very nice lady. Her profile picture is a number 13 and header is a colorful bunch of tomatoes. I love this.

Ellen DeGeneres

May want to reconsider this one after the reports of a hostile work environment came out.

Brett Favre

Again, may want to reconsider this follow.


So he follows Instagram on Twitter, but not Twitter on Instagram?


I can see G getting into VR headsets…

Justin Timberlake

One look at JT’s dance moves had Garth saying “I like that…”

Links At Brunello

A Novia Scotian golf course … Huh?

Guido Pescatore

A father of 6 with a 25+ year career with University of Utah Healthcare. Go Utes and Twins!

Habitat for Humanity

Got to give back after the damages he’s (allegedly) caused to numerous families… Donations don’t wipe away the need for closure, G.

Caesar’s Palace

Do you think Garth is a table or slots guy? I’m thinking slots because of all the pretty colors.

There’s no denying Garth Brooks is a country music legend, but there’s also no denying that he’s a bit out there…

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