Garth Brooks Announces There Will Be FIVE New Chris Gaines Albums: “I Want To Do It For Me”

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The world’s greatest rock legend is coming back.

If you’re not familiar with the Garth Brooks alter-ego Chris Gaines, I don’t know what to tell you at this point but you’re missing out on one of the most bizarre, intriguing, downright wild things a superstar has ever done.

It was all supposed to be based around a movie in which Garth would star as fictional rocker Chris Gaines, a sex-addicted rock legend who nearly had his face ripped off in a car crash and had an affair with his manager that caused him to lose his house.

Like I said, it’s some weird sh*t.

To promote the movie, a Chris Gaines “greatest hits” album was released by Garth’s alter-ego, and there was also a VH1 Behind the Music special that told the rocker’s troubled life story.

(If you haven’t watched the whole thing, it’s well worth your time).

But ultimately, the Chris Gaines movie never happened, and the whole incident became just a bizarre footnote in Garth’s otherwise wildly successful career.

Garth has even joked that he still gets beat up for the Chris Gaines era of his career:

“A lot of people misunderstood it, and my ribs are still sore from getting the sh*t kicked out of me for it.”

Well apparently Garth isn’t QUITE finished with Chris Gaines yet.

During a Q&A today as part of as part of Billboard’s Country Live in Conversation, Garth said that there’s more Chris Gaines music on his to-do list: Five albums, to be exact.

When asked about where the songs from the “greatest hits” album came from, Garth responded that they were from the five fictional previous albums that this fictional rocker had released in this fictional world:

“Yeah, there’s five of them.

The five albums have to come out.”

But it doesn’t sound like we can expect them any time soon:

“I don’t know if it’s just because I’m 114, but now everything takes three hours more than it took time to do before. Business-wise I’ll say I’ve never been this busy before in my life, and I’m not as in the eye of the public as I was. 

So I think what it’s telling me as an older artist, you have to work a lot, lot, lot – not work, put in more time – to get the same results. So the Gaines project was a lot of time put in because it’s not natural. You’re acting on record.

But I want to do it just simply for the people who love the Gaines project. Selfishly, I love the Chris Gaines record.

So I want to do it for me.”

And he confirmed that his to-do list includes all five of those “previous” Chris Gaines albums:

“I don’t know when we’re going to get to it, but it’s on the list and hopefully we’ll get it done. Five albums.”

Sign. Me. Up.

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