Oregon State Head Coach Hilariously Tells Players To “Milk The Clock”

Oregon State Coach

College football is simply the best.

Sure, the landscape has changed over the years with conference realignment and NIL deals, but at the end of the day, it’s still just a bunch of college kids playing their hearts out for their school.

That’s why some sports fans like to watch college over professional, just because it feels like they are playing more for the “love of the game” than they are money, though many college athletes are able to cash in now with recent NIL rule changes.

Even though the line of amateurism is being blurred, there’s one thing that (hopefully) won’t ever change about college football: the signals from the sidelines.

In the NFL, a communication system within the quarterback’s helmet relays plays from the coach to the player to let them know the play call. In college, the coaching staff gets creative with big poster board signs (usually riddled with emojis) and hand signals.

That’s where this viral moment from last night’s slate of college football games originates from. Two ranked teams in Oregon State and Utah were facing off under the Friday night lights, and the Oregon State Beavers actually kind of ran away with it.

It was somewhat of a low scoring battle between the two teams, and after a late touchdown score from Utah, the score was 21 to 7 with Oregon State comfortably in control.

At that point, the Beavers just wanted to take as much time off the clock as possible, so that’s why Oregon State Head Coach Jonathan Smith was sending over the important signal to his quarterback to “milk the clock.”

However, Smith ended up gesturing over to his players in a manner that couldn’t be confused. At first it wasn’t as weird, but when the Head Coach started aggressively squeezing his pecs, it was full-throttle strange.

Tim Brando was on the call for the Fox Sports broadcast, and broke down the gesture for all those that were watching:

“I think he may have been saying, ‘O.K. milk the clock. You gotta milk it.’

Yeah, that’s what that is…”

Coach gettin’ right to the point… you gotta love it.

Take a look:

College football fans were having a heyday with it on social media, sending replies back to the video saying:

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