Kris Jenner Made Boyfriend Refuse ‘Yellowstone’ Role Because Of Romantic Scenes, But Says She’d Kiss Kevin Costner: “Oh, Hard Yes”

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It looks like Yellowstone could have had a new cast member, if it weren’t for one specific A-list Hollywood celebrity.

The season four premiere of The Kardashians kicked off last night, and for one part of the show, Kris Jenner sat down with her long-time boyfriend Corey Gamble.

As it turns out, Corey had a chance to be featured on Yellowstone, but Kris wouldn’t allow it, according to the New York Post.

Jenner claims that she forced Gamble to turn down an opportunity to be on the show, once she discovered that his character might have to be involved in some romantic scenes.

Jenner said while grabbing dinner with Gamble, and her daughters Khloe and Kim Kardashian in Cabo San Lucas:

“I’m so excited to watch the next episode of ‘Yellowstone.'”

And that’s when Gamble responded:

“If it wasn’t for you, I would be a ‘Yellowstone’ star.”

Kim then asked why he would turn down such an opportunity, and that’s when Jenner said:

“Because I thought he was gonna have to have a romantic relationship.”

Khloe then hilariously responded:

“But if they said they wanted you to star and kiss with Kevin Costner, I’m sure you would take it.”

And of course, Jenner couldn’t disagree:

“Oh, that’s a hard yes.”

Man, this is a tough scene for ol’ Corey here.

She wouldn’t let him join the show, only for her to agree that she would take the role and KISS Kevin Costner. Bro…

Then again, Corey knew what he was getting into when he jumped into the Kardashian Klan… hope the money is worth it, dude.

Nevertheless, it makes you wonder what role Gamble would’ve played had he been able to accept the offer. And are we talking the original series or one of the spinoffs?

Either way, it’s gonna be a while before we see the next episode of anything from the Taylor Sheridan universe.

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