Chancey Williams Gets Back In The Saddle With New Honky Tonk Heater “I’m On The Whiskey”

Chancey Williams country music
Chancey Williams

Getting back in the saddle.

Chancey Williams, the rodeo cowboy turned country singer, has had a monster year with the release of his incredible album, One Of These Days. And the Wyoming native also made his Grand Ole Opry debut earlier this year, following it up with a return to the historic circle just last week.

It’s the authenticity in Chancey’s songwriting and his killer western sound that’s made him one of only two artists to have both competed in the rodeo at Cheyenne Frontier Days and also headlined the main stage – an honor he holds alongside the legendary Chris LeDoux.

If you missed One Of These Daysit’s an album that needs to be on your radar. Soaked in fiddle to accompany Chancey’s honest lyrics, songs like the title track “One Of These Days,” along with “Bordertown Whiskey” and “Look Good Leavin'” all stand out from much of the music coming out of Nashville today.

But Chancey’s not done releasing new music for the year.

He’s already followed up the album with the release of another single, “Paycheck Down,” which is a rockin’ celebration of the end of the workweek.

And now he’s back with another brand new single – and this one will have you ready to slide up to the bar for a glass of that black label.

“I’m On The Whiskey” is a good ole’ fashioned heartbreak tune, about a guy who loses his girl to a fancy lawyer with a private jet. But it’s not a tear-in-my-beer kinda song: It’s more of a “hit the honky tonk and get back in the saddle” kinda breakup.

As Chancey describes the song to Whiskey Riff:

“This ol boy in the song, he lost his girl to the rich dude. Dammit!

We tell it in a fun way, but I still bet a lot of guys out there will relate to it. The classic ‘regular guy loses girl to rich dude’ story.”

But as you’ll hear in the lyrics, this guy isn’t going to just sit around and feel sorry for himself:

“She’s on cloud nine, I’m at a dive
She’s drinkin’ that champagne, I’m gettin’ sky high
On this surefire cure from Lynchburg, Tennessee
She ain’t comin’ back so bartender hit me
She’s on the plane and I’m on the whiskey”

Written along with Jody Stevens and Trent Willmon, Chancey had the opportunity to play the new tune on the Grand Ole Opry stage last week:

“We had fun writing this one and it sure is a blast to play live. One of the first times I’ve played it in front of an audience was just this last Tuesday night at the Grand Ole Opry. That room sounds awesome and, of course, there is nothing quite like standing in the Opry circle.”

Country music has its fair share of breakup songs, but this one is sure to make you feel better about getting back out there.

And we’re pumped to be able to bring it to you here first, before it officially drops tomorrow.

So pour you up a double (I prefer neat, but won’t judge if you drink it on the rocks) and make sure you stream this newest one from Chancey. You won’t be disappointed.

And if you haven’t checked out One Of These Days yet, now’s a good time to listen to that one too:

“One of These Days”

“Bordertown Whiskey”

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