Broadcasters Crack Up When Braves Go “From Johnson To Hand” For Cubs Batter “Mastrobuoni”

Atlanta Braves

For those that live with their minds in the gutter, and love a good pun (whether it’s NSFW or not), last night was an all-time baseball names moment.

Atlanta Braves fans loved the comeback win that their team pulled off yesterday, while Chicago Cubs faithful probably lost sleep since the Cubbies basically gave away the game to the Braves with a ridiculous error.

If you somehow missed what happened, Cubs outfielder Seiya Suzuki, who’s carried the team offensively as of late, basically cost Chicago the game when he missed a routine fly ball that ended up allowing Atlanta to score two runs and take the lead in the bottom of the 8th.

Listen to the Cubs broadcast of the play:

That was definitely an important part of the contest, and one that most likely determined the outcome of the game and finalized the Braves comeback from being down 6 runs to nothing. However, the most critical point of the game was just shortly before in the top of the eighth inning.

Braves Manager Brian Snitker didn’t like what he was seeing from his bullpen arm Pierce Johnson after giving up a hit to start the inning, so he decided to pull him and put Brad Hand on the mound. When Hand got warmed up, he eventually faced Cubs third basemen Miles Mastrobuoni.

So to recap, the Braves used Hand to relieve Johnson once they had somewhat of a mess on their hands so that he could face Mastrobuoni, and I’m hoping that you are able to revert back to your middle school self (at least for a moment) and realize how funny that sequence of events is.

Could it possibly be one of the best baseball name moments in the history of the sport? I would say it deserves to be considered…

It was at least recognized by the Atlanta announcer Brandon Gaudin, who got a kick out of the whole thing and even took some time in the broadcast to point out another commentator that would have enjoyed it as well:

“So the Braves go from Johnson to Hand and the batter will be Mastrobuoni…and it’s probably a good thing Jeff Francoeur is in the other booth.”

I know that football is back and in full swing, and we aren’t all that far from basketball season, but this is just another example of why baseball can simply be the best.

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