Stocky Pitbull Named “Bosco” Tries To Play With Defensive Young Buck In Backyard

Pitbull vs deer

That’s a good boy right there.

It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t like white-tail deer.

Found in all of the lower 48 states, these creatures are a favorite of hunters and wildlife observers alike. I can’t begin to count how many times a family of white-tail would walk through our backyard and my whole family would stop whatever we were doing to sit by the window and just watch them go past while looking for some food.

I also grew up in a region where deer hunting was so popular that we got the first day of rifle season off from school, which obviously made me like them even more.

So when a young 8 point buck, who appears to be in velvet, appeared in this family’s backyard, they watched with amusement as their rescue pitbull named Bosco went out to try and make a friend.

The deer had come into the backyard in hopes of snagging a snack from their apple tree and Bosco thought this would be a great time to go play with a creature he didn’t really know anything about. Of course, the deer was more than wary, as they have a good amount of natural fear to avoid potential predators so they can survive, and he didn’t seem to like this muscular canine coming his way.

It’s pretty funny to see the difference in disposition between the two animals; Bosco wagging his tail and trying to get into a play wrestling match while the deer is ready to throw antlers if the dog gets any closer.

As you might expect, the deer eventually hightails it out of the yard to safety, but getting to see this play out is well worth your time.

The homeowner said the following in the video’s description.

‘Tis apple season for the deer, who come to our yard to help themselves. Our rescue pit bull, Bosco, wants to make friends with this young buck.

The buck was not in any danger, as he had ample opportunity to run away, which he did, at the end. The dog only followed to the treeline.”

Maybe with enough encounters the two could grow to be friends, but regardless, this whole thing just made me smile.

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