Ice Fisherman Tries To Blow Out A Hole In Frozen Pond With Explosives, & It Goes Horribly Wrong

ice fishing gone wrong

Ice fishing seems like it’s for a specific type of people, and I’d venture to say that these two guys are not those type.

Most experienced ice fishermen use something called a power drill ice auger to carve a hole out of the ice and allow for a line to be dropped into the frigid water. These two guys probably knew that, but decided that they wanted to try another method out that might get the job done faster.

Faster isn’t always better though, and the idea that these two had almost inadvertently cost them their lives. They passed on the whole “drill a whole in the ice” thing and instead pulled out an explosive that they hoped would do the trick.

The video of what went down is posted on an Instagram account called “Drunk People Doing Things,” and to be honest, I hope these guys were hammered. That would at least give them the benefit of the doubt in the “how stupid are you” department.

As you might imagine, trying to blow a hole in the ice with an explosive doesn’t go all that well. The ice starts to crack all around the hole, and one man hilariously runs in place on the slippery surface trying to get away.

Take a look:

Unfortunately, the video cuts off before we know how the story of these two ice fishermen (if you can call them that) ends.

It’s hard to imagine that they got out of the situation unscathed, but considering that we got to watch the footage, you could probably assume that the videographer at least made it out alive.

Instagram users were floored by the stupidity of the two men and weren’t afraid to laugh and crack jokes at their expense in the comment section below:

“Why’d he think he can run away from that on ICE? Man has got zero instinct.”

“The ending is like 10,000 times better than I expected.”

“Bro just accept his fate and surrendered.”

“It drives me nuts when they cut these clips too early.”

“That slow-ass crawl had me dying.”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock