Arizona Cardinals QB Josh Dobbs Can’t Get His Own Jersey At The Team Store

Josh Dobbs Cardinals
Josh Dobbs

This is not a great look for the Arizona Cardinals…

Josh Dobbs might not be the franchise quarterback for the Cardinals, but he’s certainly helping them get by so far this year, and things are going a lot better than many sports analysts expected.

The football team out in Arizona upset the Dallas Cowboys this past weekend and avoided an 0 and 3 start. They’ve been more competitive than anyone thought they would be, only losing their first two games of the year by a combined 7 points.

Many thought that Dallas was one of the best team’s in the league, but that all came crashing down (in typical Cowboys fashion) when the Cardinals handed them their first loss of the season.

Josh Dobbs was brought onto the Arizona Cardinals as a “year rental,” considering that the team out in the desert has a lot of their money tied up in QB Kyler Murray, who is still recovering from an ACL injury that he suffered towards the end of last season.

The former Tennessee Volunteer was drafted into the NFL in 2017 and had bounced around for a while, with many thinking that he would be a backup at best. However, this year, he has proved the doubters wrong and showed some flashes of being a quality starting quarterback.

After he helped lead his team to an unlikely victory over “America’s Team,” he went to the Cardinals’ team store to buy his own jersey for his family. However, the process didn’t go as smoothly as he was hoping for, and he documented the whole thing on his social media accounts:

“Yo, Josh Dobbs here. I’m in the team store for the Cardinals trying to get a jersey for my family.

So I walk over here to get a jersey made… I go to select from roster, and guess what? Your boy is nowhere to be found. Here are all the numbers… and no number 9.

Like, I know I just got here, but at least… we can at least have the custom jersey for me. Help your boy out.”


Imagine any other NFL franchise not having the jersey of their starting quarterback in their team store.

You just don’t see that kind of stuff, unless you go out to Arizona I guess…

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