Adam Hood Digs Into The Vault For New Album ‘Different Groove’

Adam Hood Country Music
Caylee Robillard

Prolific songwriter Adam Hood is hitting his stride and finding his groove with the highly anticipated release of his aptly titled sixth record, Different Groove.

With clever lyricism full of detailed imagery, Hood opens up on stories of love gone wrong and the ups and downs of life on the road as he explores new sides of his classic sound throughout ten powerhouse tracks. Written almost two decades ago, the time finally felt right for Hood to release these into the world, and I’m sure glad he did.

He took to Instagram upon the record’s release to provide some insight into the process behind his latest masterpiece.

“In June of 2022, I had the opportunity to book some time at Gordy’s studio in Austin. We recorded the 10 tracks on this album as well as “You Love Me Like That” & “Broke Not Broken”.

I’ve always dug The Heathens vibe and they have been on my radar for a long time. Gordy has the ability to visualize “the sound” we’re all in search of and bring it to life with some of the most talented folks in the business.

From background singers to sound engineers, he decorates each song with masters of their trade. The Heathens is a testament

I wrote all of these songs prior to 2006. I had never co-written a song (other than “Play Something We Know”), stepped foot on a plane or crossed the Mason-Dixon Line.

These songs are like a first love to me and represent a time in my life that was monumental in my career. I have always been a bit of an outlier in the music world, so finding “my sound” has been a hard earned labor of love.

After all the years, I finally feel warranted in my search and comfortable with my style.

I’m proud of this album and the millions of miles, countless vehicles & locked doors I had to beat down to get here. It’s a good feeling to say “I wouldn’t change a thing”.

If you sang along to these songs 17 years ago or discovered them more recently with this release, thank you for supporting my music.”

Much like Brent Cobb, a frequent collaborator who also happened to release a fantastic album this week, Hood is a distinctly southern artist with roots in Alabama but down to earth music is relatable for everyone no matter where they reside.

Another guy who is a songwriter’s songwriter, highly regarded for his talents by his peers within the industry, Hood is a top tier artist with the catalog to back it up.

So without further ado, give Adam Hood’s Different Groove a deep dive.

“22 Days Too Long”

“You know, the radio’s playing
The song you’re always singing
And the dawn is breaking
The old yellow moon is sinking
I run the truck up in the yard
And leave the keys swinging
Because 21 days has got me thinking
That 21 days is 22 days too long…”


“It’s been awhile
And baby it hurts to know
Sometimes you gotta let it go
When love runs out of time…”

“Never Comes Easy”

“A change never comes easy
I guess I took it hard as anybody in my shoes
Live and learn hide the scars but don’t let it get to you
A change never comes easy…”

“Cars, Trucks and Me”

“They say it’s fun where I’m goin’
Must be cool to be where I’ve been
I have no way of knowin’
Blowin’ into town and back out again…“

“Buzzes Like Neon” ft. Ella Langley

“Well, from Lawrence to Springfield
There ain’t nothing out there
Except for hills and prairies
And the cold dry air
And I’m starting to hear voices
From home sweet home
Too far out to turn around
Tired of being alone…”

“Fool of an Honest Man”

“It’s all my fault, I give her everything she wants
And she takes it all because she can and I’ve had enough
And I’ve had enough of losing in the name of love
She’s making a fool of an honest man…”

“Different Groove”

“Yes, and I’ve got a good friend Lord, he can play
And lately I’m a wonderin’ Just how does he do it that way
You know, the boys got rhythm Well, I’m followin’ suit
I put my soul in my music And find a different groove…”

“Late Night Diner”

“I’m not tryin’ to know your business
I’m not tryin’ to change your life
But it costs a lot to love somebody
And I know because I had to pay that price…”


“Because I’m down below the Mississippi line
Where the clouds are dancin’ in the full moon light
I love you baby but I gotta go to Varnado tonight
On the side of the road underneath the pines
There’s a big arrow flashing my name on the sign
I love you baby but I gotta show in Varnado tonigh…t”

“Whole Town Talking”

“And maybe she’ll come back someday
Before they put me away
And that might be the saving grace I need

Well, it’s a little bit hard to take when
This heart she left here breakin’
Has got the whole town talking bout me”…

Another drop in the bucket for Alabama’s case as the state producing the best music right now, Adam Hood’s Different Groove is a beautiful piece of work, both sonically and lyrically, from one of the best in the business.

If you like what you heard, go catch him live as he tours to promote the record this fall. You won’t be disappointed, that’s for sure.

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