Atlanta Braves Fan Catches Home Run While Holding His Daughter, Sets Her Down To Throw The Ball Back

Atlanta Braves fan
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Looks like we have a late entrant into the “Dad of the Year” competition…

This level of multitasking is almost only achievable if you are a middle-aged father. For those that don’t understand, men are constantly training to do more than one thing at a time.

That’s why we have multiple TV’s for sporting events, and why men are not great at most things (but are “kind of good” at a lot of things).

The focus and control that is on display by this dad is first-team, all-American dad stuff. He probably had to drag his family to the game to start with, and was then able to show out when a home run ball came rocketing towards him.

Nick Castellanos, right fielder for the Philadelphia Phillies and the man behind one of the most infamous home runs in baseball history, got a hold of one during one of his at-bats against the Braves.

The baseball went soaring through the sky and right towards the father, who was holding his daughter in his arms during that point of the game.

A regular person might have just focused on protecting his child, but this dad knew that this was his opportunity for his one shining moment. He valiantly stood in the stands, held his daughter in one arm, and prepared to catch the home run with his free hand.

With dozens of fans in the section attempting to catch the ball, the dad nonchalantly holds up his right arm and gloves the ball (without a glove). In the process, he very well could have saved his other daughter’s life, because the ball looked to be heading right towards the seated girl’s noggin.

Once he secures the catch, he thrusts the ball into the sky in celebration. The stadium roars in applause for his efforts as he sets his daughter down on the ground and loads up to throw the ball back.

Everyone knows that you don’t keep an opposing team’s home run ball, and the father couldn’t get the baseball out of his hand fast enough. He utilizes his “dad strength” and sends the ball flying back onto the baseball diamond.

The crowd around him continues to celebrate as he throws two thumbs down towards Castellanos as he rounds the bases. An incredible dad moment, and yet another example of why baseball is not as boring as people make it out to be.

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