Oliver Anthony Moves Knoxville Show To 6,000 Seat Stadium After Canceling Cotton Eyed Joe Performance Due To Ticket Prices

Oliver Anthony country music

Seems like that one worked out well for Oliver Anthony.

The Virginia native who went mega-viral with his hit “Rich Men North of Richmond” is beginning to hit the road, although it hasn’t been entirely smooth sailing as he learns his way around the music business.

Last week, Anthony (whose real name is Christopher Anthony Lunsford) canceled a performance at Knoxville’s Cotton Eyed Joe after the venue was charging $90 for a ticket and $200 for a meet and greet. The singer criticized the venue for the high prices, and told fans not to buy tickets before ultimately calling off the show altogether:

“Don’t buy $90 Cotton Eyed Joe tickets or $200 for a meet and greet. That’s not acceptable. Just saw the Facebook post and lost my shit. Miscommunication with my friend booking shows and I.

My shows should never cost more than $40, ideally no more than $25. Hell, out of the 4 shows we have currently done, 2 of them have been completely free. This will get straightened out tonight. Hold off on buying tickets for now.”

Anthony explained that the show was booked by a friend of his, who’s not a booking agent but a full-time plumber, who agreed to the show without asking what the ticket prices would be – and that Anthony never agreed to the prices himself.

The venue, however, hit back at Anthony, claiming that he charged the venue $120,000 for a 60-minute show, and they simply set the ticket prices accordingly to break even on the event:

“It’s a Damn Shame what the World has gotten to for the Customers of the World Famous Cotton Eyed Joe. Most times, we say a show has been canceled due to circumstances beyond our control…well we are canceling the Oliver Anthony show under our full control. All refunds will be made in the next few business days to your original form of payment.

The North Man of Richmond contracted to play the Cotton Eyed Joe for $120,000 for 60 minutes…. after doing the math and knowing we can only hold approx. 1,500 people, paying the ticket website their fee to sell the tickets, paying the tax man, opening the JOE on a closed night… we set the ticket price to break even and bring our customers a show we thought would be fun.

To our talent agency and promotor friends that follow us… be careful booking the North Man of Richmond.”

Well after all that drama unfolded, Anthony rebooked his show in Knoxville to take place at the Knoxville Convention Center on September 29.

But apparently that venue didn’t work out either – so the show has been rescheduled for a second time, and will now take place at Smokies Stadium, home to Minor League Baseball’s Tennessee Smokies.

The new show will take place on September 28, and tickets for the original rescheduled date at the Knoxville Convention Center will be honored for the new (new) location.

Let’s hope this venue works out better than the last two…

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