Insane Yellowstone Tourist Gets Within Feet Of A Bison To Take A Selfie

Yellowstone woman tries to pet bison

I shouldn’t have been rooting for something to happen, but…

Some people just shouldn’t be allowed out of the house. Or, maybe people need to get out of the house more…

I don’t know exactly how we stop this type of behavior, but without question something has to change because tourists at Yellowstone National Park (and others) have been out of pocket for quite some time.

Just recently we saw a man get pinned by a bison and who can forget the 9 year old girl that got tossed into the air when her family decided to walk right passed one?

Admittedly, it’s not everyone who does dumb things at these parks, but it’s way more than it should be and really gets me fired up because the animals are often blamed and sometimes even put down after humans force their hand by making stupid decisions.

Need another example? How about a girl walking straight up to a bison and posing for about 10 minutes to take that perfect selfie shot?

The NPS requires tourists to stay at least 25 yards away from bison, but that didn’t stop this woman from going within a foot of the 2,000 pound beast while it reclined in a field to try and pet it, and of course, get the perfect shot to post on Instagram so all her followers can comment and say “Wow! Incredible! So brave! So beautiful!”

Fortunately, this bison kept its cool and didn’t toss the girl into Oregon, but it certainly could have.

Not that I want her to be seriously hurt, just to learn a lesson that these aren’t pets.

Instead, she probably got a ton of likes and tells her friends that the animals “are just soOoO frIeNDlly” which will make others do the same thing in a doom cycle of bad choices.

Please, if you’re reading this, don’t take a selfie with a bison…

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