Angler Catches Invasive Iguana While Fishing In Florida Canal: “He Ran Over And Bit My Bait”

Fishing for iguanas
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The never ending stream of crazy wildlife videos from Florida…

The Sunshine State will forever hold a special place in my heart. Not only because I lived there for 4 wild years, but also because of the incredible amount of creatures that roam the swamps, forests, waterways, and grasslands which never cease to provide incredible videos for us to enjoy.

Whether it’s panthers attacking house cats, alligators thrashing pythons, or bull sharks stealing snook, the variety of nature experiences available to any person in any part of the state is truly stunning, which is why thousands of people are moving south each year and even more make trips to hunt, fish, and sight see.

One of the more recent phenomena that’s taken the state by storm is the explosion of invasive iguanas. Originally brought to the state on cargo ships from nearby islands and idiots releasing “pets” into the wild, there are now a nearly uncountable amount of these nuisance animals wreaking havoc on the ecosystem.

You may remember these creatures from the insane news stories of these guys freezing up and falling out of trees when the temperatures dipped into the 30s:

Despite attempts to control the population, there’s really been no progress made in corralling the iguanas and we’re starting to see them pop up in locations you wouldn’t generally expect, like in canals, which this angler found out the hard way.

While fishing in a small inlet of water, a fisherman cast out his line when one of these iguanas grabbed it and ran up on a wall, causing him to pause and think about what to do, before just going for it and pulling the iguana across the water.

Not going to lie, I was hoping some monster was going to hit the thrashing reptile as he was being reeled in, but regardless, it’s crazy to see one of these guys on the end of a fishing line.

And for those of you who think he should’ve killed it, he did… and then he ate it.

Chicken of the tree, my friends…

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A beer bottle on a dock