Big Ol’ Bull Shark Steals Kayak Fisherman’s Snook In Shallow Florida Creek

Bull shark snags snook

Ahh, the never ending wonders of the Sunshine State.

We’ve come to expect the unexpected in Florida. Whether it’s a steakhouse serving meth, world record pythons, or three legged bears drinking White Claws, you quite honestly never known what you’re going to run into down there.

I even got to witness a true Florida man moment in person when one of my neighbors was sun bathing with an alligator next to a pond a few years ago, but the one creature I never had any personal run-ins with was a shark.

Obviously, there’s quite a few man-eating creatures in the oceans, gulfs, and bays around Florida, but there’s one specific species that will make their way into freshwater and give you quite the scare when trying to have a nice day on the water.

While there are over 400 species of shark that can move between fresh and saltwater, according to, undoubtedly the one that gets the most fame is the bull shark. We’ve seen these guys everywhere from Louisiana Swamps to the open ocean, but this latest video shows that they will go just about anywhere they can find food.

While fishing in a small Florida creek, an angler who goes by the tag Miles Away was targeting snooks and linked up with one when a monster decided he wanted to take the fish for himself.

Just seconds after setting the hook, the ominous dorsal fin shot out of the water, swallowed the snook whole, and began racing through the water, ripping the line from the spool and leaving the guy in quite a problematic situation.

He explained in a comment that he wasn’t able to land the shark as it bit through his line in a minute or so, but regardless, what a moment to capture on video.

Just gotta be sure to stay in the kayak, don’t want to be overboard while those guys swimming around.

For some weird reason, videos like this make me miss Florida…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock