Kayaker Finds Massive Bull Elk Skull While Out For A Paddle

Kayaker finds elk

What a find!

It doesn’t get any better than this. Well, at least for the folks that enjoy finding stuff like this out in the wild.

Elk are some of the coolest animals out there. Their meat is delicious, they grow massive antlers, and are the second largest member of the deer family in North America, reaching weights of 1,000 pounds.

These beasts are loved by people where they live. They are widely known as one of, if not, they best game meat in the world.

Beyond that, they grow huge antlers every year. The antlers are unique to elk, with nothing else having the same antlers. Mature bulls can grow antlers that are up 6 feet long on each side and can weigh more than 40 pounds. Really, it’s amazing these things can get through the woods with those on their head.

Finding shed antlers is always cool. It tells a story, and you get a great keepsake out of it. Finding intact skulls is even cooler.

This kayaker came across the find of a lifetime while out for a paddle.

He is seen climbing up on the bank, wrestling with a set of antlers. As the man pulls it out, the whole elk skull is still there.

Great find, but now I want to see that thing strapped to the front of the kayak…

Idaho Fisherman Stumbles Across Mule Deer Carcass In Boise River

When people talk about river monsters, I don’t think this is what they have in mind…

Matt Keller, founder of Old Hat Outdoors, set out for a little fly fishing trip the Boise River two weeks ago, hoping to catch some nice trout.

According to Meat Eater, the fish weren’t bitin’, but I’d say he got one hell of a trade off.

As he made his way down the river, he noticed something big caught in some brush. He made his way over, and discovered a mule deer carcass. This wasn’t any deer carcass, this thing was massive.

It was a massive 16-pt buck, and according to local hunters, people have been trying to get their hands on this giant creature for years. The deer was so big that Keller couldn’t haul it off himself, so he went back out the next day with a saw to take the antlers.

And another thing… the rotting carcass STUNK to high Heaven.

“My intent was to film a sweet brown trout video. That didn’t happen. In fact, fishing sucked. However, what I stumbled upon while fishing the Boise River in town was something I would have never imagined finding.

A huge, dead mule deer buck.

Idaho law allows antlers to be harvested off of animals that died of natural causes so after digging out the decaying deer we came back the next day to gather this impressive rack. What an impressive animal living right here in urban Boise, Idaho.

With 16 total points, this buck is by far the largest I’ve seen in town. I imagine he was king of the forest in these parts.”

However after many offers were made for the antlers, Keller said he’s just happy for the incredible find and experience:

“The trophy has nothing to do with the antlers or skull to us… The value was in the experience and we wouldn’t change a thing.”

I mean this is the joy of nature right here. You go out for a fishing trip, and come back with some beautiful mule deer antlers.

It’s funny how these things work sometimes.

Oregon Man Finds Second Largest Bull Elk In State History

Sheesh, talk about a MONSTER.

According to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, an elk in Union County, Oregon with antlers with a size of 406 6/8 has officially been recorded, giving it the second place record for a Rocky Mountain elk in Oregon.

The elk’s skull and antlers were found by a cone collecting crew on private timberland in the Catherine Creek area this past summer, and was turned into the ODFW.

Mark Penninger, a certified scorer for Northwest Big Game Records Inc., scored the massive elk.

Penninger described the elk as “jaw dropping,” and continued:

“Bull elk of this caliber are incredibly rare in Oregon but it’s great to see they are still around.

This bull is a testament that age, good genetics, and high-quality habitat can produce truly world class elk.”

The ODFW does not track trophy records, but will submit the score to the Northwest Big Game Records Inc. for official placement.

This is the first elk since 1984 to record a size higher than 400, when one was found or harvested by Randy Ryerse in Crook County, which is now number four all time in Oregon with a score of 400 0/8.

The number one recorded Oregon elk was scored at 418 2/8 back in 1942 by Hugh Evans, also in Crook County.

The previous second largest elk, discovered by Jim Sproul, was scored at 401 1/8 and was displayed at the John Day Elks Lodge, before it was burned down.

With the recent Catherine Creek discovery, the top four elk antlers will all be in the 400s.

Pretty impressive elk they got growing up there in Oregon, I’d say.

Elk Skull

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