Hunter Cuts Down Tree With A Chainsaw To Get His Dog Out Of The Center After He Got Stuck Chasing A Squirrel

Cutting down tree for dog

I’ve seen it all now…

I can’t even imagine this all going down but what a situation to be in…

Dogs are hard not to love. Actually, if you don’t love them… I don’t trust you. They are a man’s best friend for a good reason… they’re the most loyal of things in this world. Full of love and energy, they’re simple creatures who just want a good bone and a pat on the head.

But they love to chase things… which is great when you need a hunting buddy to retrieve your ducks or squirrels. But their excitement can overtake them, making them do things they wouldn’t normally.

Far and wide there are squirrels. And far and wide, dogs seem to love to try and chase them, though they rarely ever catch them and wouldn’t know what to do if they did.

This dog had to take it a step farther though.

He chased a squirrel right up a tree and then down into the center of it. There was only one problem… he couldn’t get out.

His owner knew exactly what to do and grabbed the chainsaw.

He is seen cutting away at this fair-sized tree. He knocks it down and out of the hollow center, out comes a dog.


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