Jessi Colter Reimagines Her 1984 Song “I Wanna Be With You” For Forthcoming ‘Edge Of Forever’ Album

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It’s so exciting knowing that the great Jessi Colter is making music again.

After taking a six-year break, she’s gearing up to release a new album called Edge Of Forever, which was produced by her son Shooter Jennings along with Margo Price.

Jessi says her 13th studio album is a simply “love project,” and her sole purpose in making it was the sheer enjoyment factor of the whole creation process:

“It was really sheer enjoyment for me to be able to do because I really hadn’t planned anything much further.

‘Edge of Forever’ is a love project.”

Widely known as “The First Lady Of Outlaw Country,” Jessi Colter shared a love for country music with her late and great husband, Waylon Jennings, having made them the ultimate country music power couple.

This album highlights parts of their love story featuring songs that have never been heard before, including songs that were written during the height of outlaw country music in the 1970’s that sadly turned into lost songwriting books and are now being brought into the light.

And today, she released the second single from the album “I Wanna Be With You,” which also features Price on background vocals.

The song was co-written by Colter and Basil McDavid decades ago, and originally appeared on Jessi’s 1984 album Rock and Roll Lullaby.

In an interview with Garden & Gun, Jessi says they worked well together as Basil also knew her late husband Waylon very well, too:

“It’s fun to think about Basil and Waylon, who worked together in the early years.

Basil saw me coming and going—most of the time going—with Waylon, but he saw my enthusiasm as we traveled and helped me encapsulate that with ‘I Wanna Be with You.’”

They definitely kept that 1970’s sound and production to it, which I love, while still managing to make it sound new and “current,” if you will.

Of course, it goes without saying that Jessi is a legend in country music who always delivers at the highest level, and I can’t wait to hear the album in its entirety here soon.

Edge of Forever will be out everywhere on October 27th.

“I Wanna Be With You”

She previously released the lead single, “Standing on the Edge of Forever”:

“I Want To Be With You”

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