Shark Rams Into Kayak Fisherman As It Hunts Down A Seal

Shark attacks
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Getting caught up right in the middle of a shark hunt isn’t the place you want to be.

The ocean is home of the unexpected. It is home to so much wildlife, some still undiscovered.

Sharks are all amazing. A family that is so loved far and wide, even though they have a reputation for being quite frightening. They’re pretty much the only species that has a whole week dedicated to them that people watch year after year.

Really, the bad reputation is only for a few species of sharks, and even then the odds of getting attacked are insanely low.

Great white and mako sharks are some of the most known. Both lightning fast and deadly predators known for their carnivorous diet and violently taking their prey out.

They eat many things from fish to birds, but seals are some of sharks’ favorites. They are generally plentiful and provide a large meal size.

But seals are used to sharks wanting to eat them and either have to get good at getting away are end up dead.

This seal in New Zealand was trying his hardest when a kayak fisherman spotted him running.

The seal is seen jumping in and out of the water and going back and forth with a shark hot on its tail.

The fisherman watches in amazement as the pair work the chase closer and closer towards the kayak.

The seal actually ends up coming right to the boat, then under it, the shark then nails the kayak as it chases down the seal. The fisherman high tails it out of there and gets rammed again on the way.

There’s some excitement for the fishing trip… probably more than he was hopping for.

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