Joe Exotic Wants Cincinnati Bengals QB Joe Burrow To Donate $20,000 To Help Him Get Out Of Prison: “I See The News, The Magazines”

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That’s a pretty strange headline, isn’t it?

As weird as it may be, it is 100% real, and acts as yet another chaotic entry into the continuing Joe Exotic saga. I’m sure most of us thought that the “Tiger King” was only there to entertain us during the COVID lockdown, but he’s actually still holding up his end of the deal and providing a fountain of content from his prison cell.

Joe Exotic is currently serving a 21-year prison sentence after he was charged for trying to pull off a murder-for-hire plot of his rival Carole Baskins, as well as multiple violations of the Endangered Species Act. However, that is not stopping him from running for president, and now reaching out to the highest paid quarterback in the NFL.

In a letter that Exotic posted to his social media account (I guess he somehow has access to it behind bars), the “Tiger King” addressed Joe Burrow, asked him for help, and threatened that Burrow is not the rightful owner of the “Tiger King” name.

In a release titled “Joe Exotic’s Letter To Joe Burrow of the Cincinnati Bengals,” Exotic wrote:

“I see the news, magazines, as well as yourself calling you the Tiger King. Everyone in the world is exploiting me and my trademarks while I sit innocent in an American Federal Prison. I have been the Tiger King before you got out of high school.

Tiger King is my trademark and my intellectual property. My life has been destroyed, my parents have died and I continue to fight cancer and 2 incurable diseases while you all ride fame and attention off my life’s hard work.”

Exotic then gets into some specifics about how he has been wronged, and why he deserves experienced criminal attorneys to help defend him. Then he has an idea as to how Joe Burrow can help with that:

“Since everyone is enjoying the fame of being the Tiger King and I’m suffering wrongfully in prison in a cage, how about doing a good deed and helping me raise $20,000 for a down payment to hire attorneys?

Maybe paying it forward, God might help you get to the Super Bowl this year and I could go home for Christmas. Then we can work together to stop animals from being in a cage.”

Not exactly the “warmest” request from Joe Exotic, but he’s clearly getting pretty desperate to get out of prison as soon as possible.

Now we wait to see if Joe Burrow will respond to Exotic’s requests (my guess is that he won’t), which could be the biggest “big-cat-themed” crossover the world has ever seen.

You can read the full release from Joe Exotic in his social media post below, which was captioned:

“Here’s my letter to Joe Burrow. Help stop this injustice done to me and then let’s go keep animals from being in a cage together.”

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