Fearless Mountain Lion Moves Right Into New Mexico Campsite: “Holy Sh*t Balls”

Mountain Lion
Marin Leigh Barclay


That is the last thing you want to see lurking around your campsite.

Mountain lions are some of the most known predators to roam North America and there’s a good reason for it. They are deadly predators known to aggressively hunt everything from deer and elk, pets and livestock, and on rare occasions, even people.

They can grow up to 175 pounds but regardless of their size, they can fight. They are set up with some deadly weapons. Their claws retract and stay raz0r sharp for climbing and sinking them into prey. Their hind legs are powerful, helping them sprint and even leap 40 feet in a single jump.

They are incredibly smart, and extremely elusive. Despite their raw power and speed, their stealth might be their greatest weapon when it comes to hunting and they often will go completely unseen by their prey until it is to late. They attack with speed and power, but precision is what takes down their prey. They shoot straight for the kill zone and often have dinner in a matter of minutes when they hunt.

That does not sound like the animal you want to have wonder through your campsite.

If you’re in New Mexico it is certainly a possibility as they house one of the healthiest populations of mountain lions in North America. However, to see one in the wild, seemingly unafraid of human interaction is a bit concerning. Also, as one of the comments pointed out, it seems a little on thin side which means it is probably hungry… and hungry animals are never something you want to encounter.

These campers got up close with one right at their campsite in this intense clip.

The lion is seen standing amongst their campsite, with tents, cooking gear and everything else all set up for some outdoor fun.

The campers, rather casually might I add, stand and stare right back at the mountain lion:

“Holy shit balls…”

Yup, I would feel that way too… and then be reaching for my gun.

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