This 50-Yard Beer Toss Onto A Passing Boat From A Cleveland Tailgate Might Be The Best Pass Of The NFL Season So Far

Browns fan beer toss

We saw a lot of impressive throws this past NFL weekend, but this one in Cleveland that didn’t even happen on the football field might have the title of “Throw of the Year.”

Like any great, legendary sports moment, this throw already has its own name, and it’s being referred to as “The Pass.” I’ve watched a lot of football in my life, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pass get launched like this and have such incredible accuracy, so I think calling it “The Pass” is perfect.

In the video, a Cleveland Browns’ tailgater is revving up to throw a beer onto a ship called “American Courage” passing by on the river. The name of the ship is also a nice touch, considering this beer toss is about as American as it gets.

It really looks like there’s no chance that someone could get a beer from the land to the boat, but a man on the ship is there ready to catch it, and a courageous American is on dry land willing to give it his best effort.

The guy gets a running start and sends the beer can flying high into the air, and it even has a little spiral on it. Someone in the area immediately says that they think the beer can “has a shot” to get there, and his prediction was right.

The person aboard “American Courage” successfully catches the beer can, and the tailgate area goes crazy. People are hooping and hollering with joy thanks to the completed 50+ yard beer toss, and it’s all capped off by the ship sounding its horn in celebration.

It’s an unbelievable throw, and a must-watch video, which is captioned:

“Best pass in Cleveland sports history?”

Instagram users were losing their minds in the comments section, sending in their replies, support, and jokes:

“Browns could’ve used this dude for the last twenty years.”

“It low key had a spiral on it too!”

“Jets have entered the chat.”

“Cleveland’s Uncle Rico.”

“Better than Johnny Manziel.”

And in an Instagram post, which can viewed here, the man that allegedly caught the beer on the ship was impressed by the throw and wanted to settle his tab.

David Lieberman captioned the picture of the Garage Beer with:

“What a toss. I bet you you wouldn’t make it and you did so I need to pay up. Hit me in my DM.”

Football is officially BACK, and dudes are the best.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock