Pennsylvania Authorities Capture Fugitive Danelo Cavalcante, Strangely Asked If ‘Little Rascals’ Trench Coat Escape Was A Concern

Pennsylvania fugitive

The terrifying story in Pennsylvania has finally come to a close after convicted murderer Danelo Cavalcante was captured by the authorities after he pulled off a prison escape back on August 31st.

You probably saw the footage on social media once it was released, which showed Cavalcante going full “American Ninja Warrior” to climb up a wall in the prison yard and then eventually escape the prison altogether.

Just in case you missed it though, here it is:

Cavalcante was waiting to be transferred to a state facility when he pulled off his escape. He had received a life sentence in August (without parole) after he stabbed his ex-girlfriend to death. It was also discovered that he was wanted in his home country of Brazil for a 2017 murder, so he was obviously considered dangerous when he escaped.

Residents in Chester County Pennsylvania were on edge for a full two-weeks as Cavalcante remained at large, and were especially worried when it was reported that the escaped prisoner had managed to steal a rifle and shot at the homeowner he stole it from.

Authorities continued to track the whereabouts of Cavalcante, and were able to hone in on one specific area after the convicted murderer set off a home alarm system.

Using an aircraft that tracks heat signatures, law enforcement began to move in on Cavalcante, and a police dog eventually apprehended him (while the convict was wearing a Philadelphia Eagles sweatshirt, go Birds).

Governor Josh Shapiro reported on the capture of the escaped (and dangerous) prisoner at a press conference this morning, saying:

“I’m pleased to be able to report that thanks to the extraordinary work of law enforcement officials from here in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, our local leaders here in Chester County and from our federal partners, shortly after 8 a.m., our suspect was captured.

We obviously became deeply concerned after the suspect was able to steal a weapon. He was apprehended this morning with no shots fired.”

So everyone in Pennsylvania can take a breath now that a murderer isn’t roaming freely around the state, but that doesn’t mean that the media still wouldn’t have a couple of hard-hitting questions for the police.

One reporter asked Pennsylvania State Police Lt. Col. George Bivens a question that I don’t think anyone has ever asked in a manhunt press conference, though I have to say that it was one that needed to be answered.

The media man asked:

“Sir, was there any concern he would team up with another small man to step inside a trench coat Little Rascals style?”

Lt. Col. George Bivens, who probably could not believe he was just asked that, looked right at the man who asked him the Little Rascals question and responded:


Hey, at least we can rule that out, am I right?

And though that was definitely a weird moment in the “Calvacante Manhunt” story, it was also weird that the authorities that captured the escaped prisoner seemingly had a photoshoot with the man they had been tracking for two weeks:

To conclude, I’m glad they caught the guy, I’m not sure why they took photos with him (probably for Instagram clout), and I’m overjoyed that an actual reporter asked the state police if they were worried about the “two men in a trench coat” trick.

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