Louisiana Squatter Who Attempted To Sell Couple’s Home For $225K Makes Return For Second Attempt

LA squatter

I am shocked this is not a Florida Man title. But Louisiana Man has a nice ring to it here.

Louisana man Joseph Guerin was arrested four months ago after he was found occupying a home that did not belong to him. He was arrested for an unauthorized entrance into the house of Richard Craven and his wife, Kristen, in Baton Rouge.

To the couple’s surprise, when they went to check on the house, they found that the squatters had fully moved in, making renovations such as installing tile and painting everything white.

“We were checking on it, and it was ransacked. Everything was tossed.”

Richard Craven said to WBRZ.

Instead of initially reporting it, the couple conducted a stakeout to see who entered and exited the house.

“We didn’t confront him; we were just watching, and then I noticed all the traffic…Drug using, drug dealing, I don’t know if he was renting rooms out to females.”

The problem significantly escalated in April when they found that Guerin had listed the house for sale online for a quarter million dollars. It was on the market for a day before Craven noticed and had it removed.

When they got the police involved, they claimed it was a civil matter as both parties had paperwork. Guerin even managed to get the utilities transferred into his name and changed all of the locks.

“The police won’t show me what paperwork he has. I’ve told them whatever he has has got to be forged.”

Craven said. He and his wife inherited the house after his inlaws had passed in 2022, making the home rightfully his.

Once the couple was able to get legal action, Guerin was arrested but was just released on bail Monday. Only a few short days later, the Cravens received a message from their neighbors noting that Guerin was back.

“You have company over there; that Joey guy is back.

The police assume he has rights to the house. You have paperwork, he has paperwork, he is occupying the house, so therefore they can’t do anything.”

The nightmare continues for the Cravens as police say they can’t intervene.

This was the third time Guerin had been arrested for unauthorized entrance to a home he was squatting in.

Sounds like a tale of a serial squatter…

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