Orangutan Absolutely Launches A Possum Out Of Its Zoo Exhibit: “Oh My God”

monkey flings possum

Uncle Rico always said he could throw a football “over them mountains,” and this orangutan apparently felt the same way about this possum that climbed into its exhibit.

This video is currently going viral and shows an ape absolutely launching a possum from a high structure, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched it at this point. Of course, I feel bad for the possum, but maybe it shouldn’t have been snooping around in the primate exhibit.

The whole thing went down at an Australian zoo in front of a crowd of people, who were all pretty vocal with their shock as they watched a flightless animal soar through the air.

People scream as the possum goes flying over the exhibit wall and out of sight, with one person exclaiming “oh my God” after witnessing the impressive throw.

We don’t get to see the very beginning of the clip, which is a shame. I would love to see how the primate discovered the animal in its exhibit, and how it came to pick it up and toss it.

I’m assuming that the orangutan probably grabbed the possum by the tail to chuck it. Just seems like if you are going to throw a possum, that’s the way to do it…

I can’t imagine that the possum survived the fall, which is sad in its own right. However, I hope that it enjoyed the few seconds of flight that it had to cap off its time here on Earth. At least it went out with a pretty good view, even though it was the result of a primate chucking.

I also love that the orangutan seems to take in the toss afterwards like it was proud of its throw. You’ll see in the video that the primate kind of climbs up and admires the distance that it was able to toss the possum, as everyone else shrieks in fear.

Take a look:

Judging by the replies and comments to the clip of the possum getting launched by the orangutan, I’d say that people weirdly enjoyed watching the video:


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