Coyote Loses Its Mind When It Comes Across A Trail Camera Out In The Canadian Wilderness

Coyote trail cam
Yukon Wildlife Cams

You’ve always got to keep your head on a swivel out in the wild, which is why this coyote completely lost its mind when it saw something out in nature that wasn’t “natural.”

Trail cameras that are set up in wooded areas help to track animal conservation, keep hunters in the know about big bucks walking around in the area, and also usually provide some very unique additions to wildlife photography. Generally, trail cams are not seen as intrusive to animals, but try telling that to this coyote.

The wild canine in this video is just minding its business traversing a well-beaten path in the Yukon Territory of Canada when it suddenly catches a glimpse of the trail camera. This one was apparently even “disguised,” but judging by the coyote’s reaction, it was not hidden well enough.

The coyote keeps its nose to the ground as it walks along, and then as soon as it senses a threat, it immediately kicks into action. And by action, I mean “goes crazy,” because the coyote really had no idea how to handle the mysterious trail camera.

In the blink of an eye, the coyote dips its entire body down to the ground and shakes its head quickly. It is evidently trying to “juke out” the camera, and I would have to say that it does a pretty good job.

The head fake that it pulls off should be studied by NFL players for decades to come. As it jolts its body and head to the left, the coyote then shifts its weight and takes off to the right and away from the trail camera.

I guess we now know that if you don’t want coyotes on your property, you can just put up a bunch of trail camera? Seems like it could be the wild canine’s kryptonite…

David Troup, who runs the Yukon Wildlife Cams page, posted the video to Facebook saying:

“Coyotes are known for being wary of trail cameras as this one demonstrates with a rather animated response upon that sudden realization.

Inevitably wildlife can detect peculiarities in their environment, whether it’s by sight, sound or smell.”

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