Kolton Moore & The Clever Few Bring Rock ‘n’ Roll Heat To New Single “If I Had A Dollar”

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Kolton Moore

Kolton Moore & The Clever Few have been on a roll.

The boys have been releasing a string of new singles and are keeping it going with their latest release, “If I Had a Dollar.”

The honky tonk rock track shows a more rough and tough side of the group, and I am HERE for it.

“It’s been a few years since me and the boys put out a rock and roll tune. Nasty tones and tough love, feels like the early days… hope you guys enjoy!”

Moore’s Instagram caption perfectly describes the grit you will find in this tune.

With deep cuts in the guitar riffs and raw lyrics telling the story of a not-so-perfect love. In the end, even through their shared hardships, she will still be his lady.

“We ain’t gaining any ground
But we ain’t moving any yet
If this loneliness don’t kill me
The lack of your memory will
If I had a dollar for every time you’d be mine

You’d be mine.” 

Turn this one all the way up.

This is now the third single Kolton Moore & The Clever Few has released over the last few months, and given the consistency between the artwork of all the singles, I think we are gearing up for an album announcement.

Their last album, Everything Has Changed, was released in 2020, and prior to that album was their 2013 album, How Did I Get Here? 

The group has put out sporadic singles over the years, but the string of these singles is leading me to believe it’s part of a larger project.

Check out their other singles from the year while you are here.

“My Heart You’ll Tend” 

“The Sound”

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