Tyler Childers Debuts Two Unreleased Tracks During Album Release Set At Grimey’s Records In Nashville

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Just as I was thinking to myself that record store album sets need to come back, Tyler Childers blesses us with that.

Last night at Nashville’s iconic Grimey’s New & Preloved Music, Timmy T took to the old church venue with his band, The Food Stamps, to sing a few in honor of Rustin’ In The Rain’s release.

But he didn’t just stick to the new album.

The setlist from the show featured song brand new songs that didn’t appear on his latest seven-track release.

“We are going to play some songs that are on it and some that aren’t because that is what we are going to do today.

It would make more sense to play songs that are on it…but that would make too much sense.” 

Childers says as he opens up the listening party.

You have to love an artist that is just going to play what they want, and I am so envious of those in that room last night as he played some killer unreleased tracks.

He opens up with the heartbreaking track “Phone Calls And Emails.” The lyrics tell a tale of a man questioning why his love interest will not answer any of his phone calls and, out of desperation, the emails he sends her.

The narrator’s confusion about what switch has flipped on the other end leaves him perplexed as they always talk.

Childers then moves into tracks not featured on the album.

“‘Cuttin’ Teeth…’ This is about the 6th time we’ve ever played it.” 

The upbeat tempo highlights the tale of a man who might not be sure where his life is headed, but one night, he picked up a gig with a band in a dive bar, and suddenly, all felt right.

The tale continues as he learns from the band and gets his bearings, becoming a musician.

The lighthearted track carries the honky tonk spirit that fans love from Childers. But, given that it was not featured on the Rustin’ in the Rain tracklist, I have a feeling it might be quite some time before we see this ditty on streaming platforms.

The night’s second unreleased song was “Tom Cat & The Dandy.” Once again, it was a stunning track.

This is why Tyler Childers and The Food Stamps are top-notch musicians.

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