RANKED: NFL Theme Songs From CBS, NBC, FOX, ESPN & Amazon


Fans have been waiting patiently for six months (207 days to be exact) for football to return, and now that we’ve officially made it to the new season, I can confidently and emphatically say that NFL football is BACK.

The offseason has been filled with speculation, predictions, fantasy football, and (of course) betting, but now NFL fans finally get to see their favorite teams back out on the field.

It’s a beautiful thing knowing that we’ve got football every single week all the way until a Super Bowl champion is crowned in February.

What is your favorite part about football? Is it the flashy touchdown passes? The post-score celebrations? Maybe it is the fantasy football aspect of the game, or the built-in opportunity for sports betting on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays? Or the fact that you can watch 7 hours of commercial-free-football one day a week?

There are really too many highlights to count when it comes to the professional football, but I’ll tell you one things that is certainly underrated when it comes to the NFL: each game provider’s football theme music.

You may not think much about it, but the music that blasts through your TV speakers before games start plays a vital role in the football watching experience. So much so that I thought it would be necessary to rank each network’s football hype music, and thankfully my boss gave the idea the green light.

Now let me go ahead and put out a disclaimer that you won’t see Carrie Underwood’s “Waiting All Day For Sunday Night” or Hank William’s Jr’s “Are You Ready For Some Football?” on this power ranking.

Though I greatly appreciate both of those songs, and they add (or used to add) much to the football watching experience, this list is strictly the instrumental musical productions that each network that carries football has…for some unexplained reason.

All of the songs below “go hard” and are “bangers” for no apparent reason other than to get you fired up to sit your ass down on your couch, drink alcohol, eat snacks, and watch football.

Let’s get to it:

5. Amazon Prime Video Thursday Night Football

Prime Video’s football theme is respectable, but it just doesn’t carry the same musical enthusiasm as the others do.

Amazon is the most recent entrant into the NFL provider space, so being late to the game and joining the ranks with so many other well-established theme songs had Jeff Bezos doomed from the start.

4. NFL on CBS

You might be scrolling through and be surprised to see that this one comes in at number four. It is solid, don’t get me wrong, but hopefully you’ll agree with my placement as we continue on through the list.

The CBS theme song packs a punch, and is definitely the most “rock themed” of the entire list. There’s really nothing wrong with it at all, but it just fails to top any of the remaining three in the rankings.

3. NBC’s Sunday Night Football Theme

When you’ve been waiting all day for Sunday night, this song absolutely brings the heat. The build up is everything, and NBC’s NFL theme music is a beautiful orchestra that welcomes in fans for the last game of football’s oh-so-beautiful Sunday slate.

Pair it with the Cris Collinsworth slide-in (hopefully they bring it back) and you’ve literally got yourself a ball game.

2. ESPN’s Monday Night Football Theme

ESPN’s Monday Night Football song and NBC’s Sunday Night theme are both so good, which made it incredibly hard to pit them against one another.

However, ESPN’s NFL theme gets the edge in my power ranking because of the climax of the song where it goes “dun, dun, dun, dun, DUN.” For some reason, it just means more. Die hard football fans know what I’m talking about…

1. NFL on FOX

Finally, we get to the number one spot, which is held by FOX’s “turn the volume all the way up” NFL theme. I don’t know about you, but this song makes me want to run through a brick wall.

Hearing it right as the FOX broadcast begins (usually overlayed over futuristic FOX football robots running and spiking footballs on a Tron-esque football field) pumps you up enough to make you finally go for that 5-team parlay.

Hopefully you agree with my list, but above all else, I hope you are as excited as I am for NFL football to be back.

Are we ready for some football?

Yes, yes we are.

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