On This Date: Alan Jackson Released His Twelfth Album “What I Do” In 2004

Alan Jackson country music
Alan Jackson

After an incredible run in the 1990s, Alan Jackson moved into the 2000s with a passionate fanbase and an increased maturity within his music.

With a couple of projects being released at the turn of the century, including a pretty solid Christmas album in 2002 and two compilation albums, Jackson really “stuck the landing” with 2004’s What I Do.

The album was the twelfth studio album released by the two-time Grammy winner and came out on this date 19 years ago today. What I Do had four singles that led the way for the album, which included “Too Much of a Good Thing,” “Monday Morning Church,” “The Talkin’ Song Repair Blues,” and “USA Today.”

Fans of Jackson are likely familiar with those songs, though they didn’t do as well as Alan would have liked on the charts. “Monday Morning Church” and “Too Much of a Good Thing” were the highest of the albums to chart on the Hot Country Songs list, each reaching the number five spot.

“USA Today” and “The Talkin’ Song Repair Blues” only reached as high as number 18, which marked the first time in Jackson’s career that an album of his did not have any singles or songs to be considered a number one hit.

However, though none of the tracks on What I Do reached the number one spot by itself, the album as a whole debuted at the top spot on both the U.S. Billboard Top 200 and the Top Country Albums charts. The project ended up being the seventh number one album for Jackson, and was even certified platinum by the RIAA in October of 2004.

The track list was another solid grouping of Alan Jackson’s work, with many fans and critics believing that “The Talkin’ Song Repair Blues” was the best song from the album.

“The Talkin’ Song Repair Blues”

If you like a more heartfelt Alan Jackson tune though, “Monday Morning Church” is definitely the one for you. The emotional song features backing vocals from Patty Loveless.

“Monday Morning Church”

And then you’ve got a song that flies under the radar on the album that showcases Jackson’s ability to take a humorous idea and turn it into a catchy-as-hell country song. I’m sure we’ve all thought to ourselves at one point “If French Fries Were Fat Free.”

“If French Fries Were Fat Free”

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