Paul Cauthen Reflects On A Life On The Road In Unreleased “Smoke & Mirrors”

Paul Cauthen country music
Paul Cauthen

Big Velvet needs to drop this IMMEDIATELY.

The other week, Paul Cauthen shared an acoustic track titled “Smoke and Mirrors” on his YouTube, a song that has yet to be released.

The stripped-back single beautifully tells the tale of the highlights of being on the road and the milestones you get to experience, but it also shares the hardships that come with that lifestyle. There’s also this element of never really feeling like you’ve truly “made it,” despite the accolades and accomplishment you can point to.

The antique sound from the acoustic guitar combined with his booming and mildly haunting vocals pack a powerful message with the lyrics he sings.

“Doesn’t get more real than this. Here’s a new song I’m working on for y’all… called ‘Smoke and Mirrors.'”

What he shared in his Instagram description perfectly describes the tune. It’s real, raw, and relatable to the feeling so many other artists experience.

“Well on the road
Has been my life
Been broke, barely gettin’ by
‘Cause there ain’t no backup plan
For a rambling man
We’ll visit the family as much as we can
And after ten years, and the fog clears up
Well maybe we’ll see things clearer
Through the smoke and mirrors.”

After the chorus, Cauthen goes into a whimsical whistle section, making the heavy lyrics seem more lighthearted.

This song needs to be released ASAP.

Even Tanner Usrey agreed, commenting:

“Love it brother.”

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