Urban Meyer Gets Called Out For Chatting Up College Girls During Fox Sports Pregame Show

Urban Meyer college football
Fox Sports

We regret to inform you that Urban Meyer is on the loose once again.

The former coach of the Florida Gators and the Ohio State Buckeyes (among others) finds himself off the sideline after a disastrous stint as head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2021.

During his 13 games as head coach, the Jaguars went 2-11 as stories emerged about what a nightmare Meyer was as coach. And of course it all came crumbling down after video surfaced of Meyer getting handsy with a much younger woman at a bar in Ohio after the team had flown back for a loss – and while his wife Shelley was tweeting that she was home taking care of their grandkids.

The final straw for the Jaguars came when kicker Josh Lambo accused Meyer of kicking him during practice, and with that Meyer’s NFL coaching career came to an end after only 13 games, two wins, and hundreds of thousands of tweets mocking his disastrous tenure.

Since then, Meyer has managed to remain involved in football not through coaching, but by signing as an analyst for Fox Sports and doing a propaganda documentary for Netflix called Swamp Kings that seemed like less of a documentary and more of an attempt to salvage what’s left of his public image.

But the jokes aren’t going away any time soon.

And as viewers tuned in to Fox yesterday to watch the Big Noon Kickoff live from TCU, they spotted Meyer off to the side and wondered if he might be up to his old tricks again.

Meyer was standing beside the set chatting up what appears to be some young TCU students – and of course they appeared to be ladies.

As soon as the internet realized what they saw, the jokes began pouring in once again:

Some things never change. They just move from the sideline to the broadcast booth.

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