Woman Sneaks Handgun Into Chicago White Sox Game By Hiding It In Her Belly Fat, Accidentally Shot Herself & Someone Else

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Last Friday night, two people were shot and injured at Guaranteed Rate Field during a Chicago White Sox game, and you probably didn’t hear about it.

Police initially reported that a 42-year-old woman suffered a gun-shot wound on her leg, and another 26-year-old woman was grazed by a bullet in the abdomen. The older woman went to the hospital and was treated for her injuries, whereas the younger victim refused any sort of medical treatment.

The whole thing went down during the fourth inning of the matchup between the White Sox and the Oakland Athletics, and though the initial story is shocking, what’s even more surprising is that security at the game did not suspend the competition because they felt there was a “lack of a perceived threat.”

In somewhat of a “early morning news dump,” the Chicago White Sox put out this statement below at 1:07 a.m. on Saturday following the incident:

“Two fans attending Friday’s game suffered non-life threatening injuries after being struck by bullets. It is unclear to investigators whether the shots were fired from outside or inside the ballpark. The incident continues to be investigated by Area One detectives from the Chicago Police Department.

While the police continue to investigate, White Sox security confirms that this incident did not involve an altercation of any kind. The White Sox are thinking of the victims at this time and wishing them a speedy recovery.”

Four days later, we are finding out more about the shooting and where shots might have been fired from. Police investigating the incident stated that they had basically “expelled” the idea that the gun was fired from outside the stadium, meaning that it discharged from within Guaranteed Rate Field.

And now, we are getting word of some unbelievable discoveries from ESPN Chicago reporter Peggy Kusinki, who says that one of the women that sustained a gun-shot wound was actually the person that fired the gun, and she snuck it into the stadium (through metal detectors) in her rolls of stomach fat:

“The shooting at Guaranteed Rate Field during a White Sox game was indeed an accidental discharge by one of the women “grazed” by the bullet. She reportedly snuck the gun in past metal detectors hiding it in the folds of her belly fat.”

Well that is absolutely terrifying…

You can sneak weapons past security checkpoints and into large public gatherings by stuffing it in your rolls of fat? Seems hard to believe, considering every time I go into a stadium, my belt buckle sets off the metal detector and I have to go over to the side for further evaluation.

I’m not sure how a gun could be snuck in by being concealed in rolls of fat, unless the security at Guaranteed Rate Field isn’t as secure as it needs to be. It’s also crazy that the game wasn’t stopped, or at least paused, when two people INSIDE the stadium suffered gunshot wounds.

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