Notre Dame Podcaster Appears To Crap His Pants In Live Recording & The Internet Can’t Get Over It

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Irish Breakdown

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish got off to a hot start this past weekend in college football, and based on this video that’s going viral, it seems like Notre Dame faithful might be a little too relieved

Vince DeDario and Bryan Driskell host a podcast called the Irish Breakdown, where they obviously speak on the performance of Notre Dame athletics after every game. The guys can apparently give some pretty good insight on the X’s and O’s of the season, and while they were doing so this week, one of the guys actually broke out an “O-No.”

This is just pure speculation, but the internet is seemingly convinced that Vince DeDario, the man on the left side of the screen, pooped his own pants during the live recording and had to get out of there fast. You can be the judge of the footage for yourself, but the visuals look pretty damning.

Since they were breaking down the Notre Dame-Navy game from “Week 0” when it happened, let me break this video down like a professional analyst:

-As you’ll see, as his counterpart is discussing Navy’s RPO’s, DeDario lifts up slightly from his chair, a veteran move for those trying to let one rip.

-A sudden jolt makes DeDario have to immediately adjust (on the fly) to the play, leaning back in his chair and analyzing the situation in real time, allowing for instant feedback

-Once he seemingly confirms that there has, in fact, been a “touchdown” of sorts in what was supposed to be a “play action,” DeDario lifts from his chair with first-round-talent speed and exits the frame

The pure shock that is present on DeDario’s face all but confirms what everyone is suspecting. For the few that have been in that situation where a “run through” turns into a “live play,” you’ll recognize the body language of not believing that the accident just happened.

Take a look:

Upon further review, social media can’t get over the fact that an on-air accident appears to have occurred on the Irish Breakdown podcast.

X (formerly known as Twitter) users were flooding the reply section of the video with commentary saying:

The hosts of the Irish Breakdown are going with the story of a “double leg cramp” that apparently took place during the recording, but I’m not sure anyone is buying it:

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