Bowhunter Snipes A Duck In Mid-Flight

Hunter hits duck with arrow

What a shot.

There’re good shooters and then there’s this guy.

Anyone who can hit a moving target with a bow is talented. Hitting something flying through the air is a whole new ball game.

Duck hunting is already one of the most action-packed and thrilling types of hunts. Ducks flying across the sky while you fire in the air hoping to have met their flight pattern.

Duck hunting is one of the most sought-after sport hunts out there. People who do it love it more than just about anything. It creates an obsession to find the best spots, being prepared and always learning.

But to add to it with something as difficult as bowhunting. It’s a sport that requires practice to say the least. Repeated shots ensures that you will be able to hit a target within 30 yards that is not moving or moving slow.

It doesn’t give the confidence to hit a bird flying full speed out of the air.

That is a whole new level of bow hunting that most folks just don’t want to put in the time for.

This fella wanted to show us all how it is done.

He is seen out for a duck hunt with some ducks moving in perfectly. There’s only one thing, he’s hunting with a bow instead of the typical shotgun method.

The ducks cut perfectly in front of them, and the hunter draws back and fires. The arrow soars through the air in front of the ducks, who catch up to it just in time.

The arrow nails one, passing straight through its wing as the duck tumbles to the ground.

I could learn a thing or two from this guy…

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