Hunter Drops 3 Turkeys With One Shot

Turkey hunting
Matt Lyke

Bet ya can’t do that again.

If that was on purpose, this is the world best hunter. But I have my doubts there wasn’t a large part of fluke involved here.

The 2 for 1 shot has been done many a times and is impressive, nonetheless.

Three at once adds in a whole new layer of chance and luck that need to happen drastically bringing the odds down for it to happen.

Turkey hunting is loved by everyone who has had the chance to do it. It’s hard to beat listening to gobblers in the woods.

They are a fun hunt, require patience and a call. These birds can weigh over 20 pounds and taste excellent.

Hunting regulations depending on the area you’re in with some on a tag system and others being nearly open season.

Turkeys provide the opportunity for fun hunts with multiple birds down as they often travel in flocks.

This guy came across the most lucky hunting situation ever.

He is seen sitting down calling in some turkeys. 3 turkeys head straight for their decoy.

When they get there he lines up his shot, all three step in a line and bingo. Down they go.

“Oh, you got all three!”

His buddies can’t believe it and follow it up with laughter in disbelief.

A shot they will talk about forever.

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A beer bottle on a dock