Coyote Climbs An Apple Tree To Have Itself A Snack

Coyote eating apples
Kathy Wilson

Be careful Mr. Coyote.

Coyotes are one of the best at figuring it out and surviving out there. They are known for their adaptability and being able to survive across many landscapes and very different food sources. From the deep forest to the middle of cities, these wild dogs just know how to find food.

They mainly hunt and eat small mammals but will eat anything else they can easily get including nuts, berries and fruit especially if their other food sources are low.

These dogs can run and jump with the best of them. Their size limits what they can hunt, reaching a max of 45 pounds.

This coyote put on a full display of what they will do to get a meal.

Climb a tree.

Yup, this coyote is seen high up in the tree on thin branches just munching away at some apples.

The branches bounce as the coyote bites back and forth at them, eating their delicious fruit.

These critters are always up to something… but better some apples than a farmer’s chickens.

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