Bison Charges Group Of Bikers At Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Bison Sturgis motorcycle

After seeing multiple examples of what a bison can do to a car, I really don’t want to see what they can do to a motorcycle.

The biggest and most well-known event for US bikers is the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally that takes place in Sturgis, South Dakota. Every year, around 500,000 people come together for festival type gathering and many riders consider it a requirement to make the pilgrimage north at least once in your life.

This year’s gathering ran from August 4th to 12th, and although crowd size was down due to heavy rainfall, it still brought in 458,161 participants, down from last year’s 497,835, according to Newscenter 1.

The week is filled with concerts and performances, along with tons of vendors, food, and other attractions, but it’s all centered around one thing: Motorcycles.

Well, back in 2010, some riders almost had a much different experience when some of the local wildlife showed up to check out the scene.

While driving down a relatively remote road, a group of bikers were forced to stop on the street when a group of bison appeared. As you might expect, they were not to happy with the loud noise and deep rumbling of the bikes that descended on the area to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the rally.

One in particular decided he’d had enough of these guys and began charging passerby’s with horns down. Fortunately, the riders were able to scoot around it, but man was it close. I have a feeling both the bike and person would have went for quite the ride if it connected.

From this short clip, it doesn’t appear the bikers were harassing the creature and it really was just a wrong place at the wrong time moment for both parties.

For any two-wheeled enthusiasts out there, keep this in mind next time you’re tearing up the highways out West. You never know when a 2,000 pound beast is going to jut out on the road.

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