A Deer Leapt Into Lion’s Pen At The Washington DC Zoo, And Shocker… It Did NOT Go Well

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Of all the places to wind up…

A few years back, visitors at the Washington DC National Zoo got to witness a live lion hunt, only it wasn’t some pre-planned exhibit for season pass holders…

A fawn was walking around Rock Creek Park, which surrounds the zoo, when it decided to be adventurous and check out what was behind one of the many concrete walls.

Through a tragic strike of truly awful luck, the fawn just so happened to find itself in the lion’s den…

No, not some metaphorical bad place to be, the literal lion’s den, complete with two hungry lionesses.

The crowd gathered around to watch a once in a lifetime event take place right before their eyes, and while everyone was cheering for the deer, you have to think everyone knew it didn’t have a shot.

It did actually get away for awhile, although it’s clear the lion wanted a little fun chasing this thing down. Unfortunately for the lions, handlers got them back in their cages before they were able to make the kill. Veterinarians were called to give assistance to the badly injured fawn, but they weren’t able to help it and ended up putting it down so it didn’t have to suffer anymore.

The original videos were split into pieces, part 1 and part 2 are below.

Part 1

Part 2

A local reporter went to get more information the next day, which is where we learned how this story ended.

Maybe this makes me heartless, but I was rooting for the lions…

Can you imagine how happy you have to be when you see a live animal prancing around your pen after years of raw chickens? Has to be the equivalent of us seeing a filet mignon after a steady diet of kale and quinoa.

And that’d be one hell of a feeling…

Also, what kind of enclosures are they using that a baby deer can just prance its way into the pen? I’d imagine if a fawn can get over the wall, so can the lion… and I do not want to see that lion hunt.

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