Morgan Wallen Fan Hilariously Clipped Together All Of The “Thank Yous” Said During His Show

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David Lehr

At least he is grateful…

Morgan Wallen is wrapping up his One Night At A Time Tour, which has been filled with headline-worthy news.

From the rocky start of the tour, with Wallen canceling the show moments before taking the stage, having to postpone a handful of shows due to vocal rest, giving back to charity while on the road, and most recently debuting his new shaved head.

He has been taking this tour One Night At A Time. 

In a recent TikTok clip, an attendee of one of his shows clipped together Wallen’s sentiments at the end of each song. Creating a hilarious bunch of “Thank Yous.”

The video shows that at the end of each song, Wallen says a quick thank you to the crowd.

Honestly, the video got me wondering if I have ever been to a show where the performer says thank you after each song. Most artists do speeches about how grateful they are to fill venues and that without their fans, they are nothing, but most do a dramatic pause between tunes.

The compilation cuts out if he says any additional words after the songs, giving it a hilarious spin.

Based on the comments, this is something that happens at all Wallen shows, and she shares his thanks like this at each show.

“So glad I’m not the only one who noticed this.”

“I was waiting for someone to post this.”

“My friends and I started yelling you’re welcome. Had us cracking up.”

“No, because I thought I was the only one who noticed this every time.”

“I started saying it with him.”

Check it out:

@ashleigh.bolduc THANK YOU… very much morgan for the best night ever, I love you #thankyou #morganwallen #morganwallenconcert #onenightatatime #onenightatatimetour #fenway #fenwaypark #fenwayconcert #redsox #fenwayconcertseries #boston #bostonconcert #countrymusic #countrymusicconcert #country #summerconcerts #hardy #ernest #baileyzimmerman ♬ Last Night – Morgan Wallen

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