Wyoming Family Shocked Watching Moose Shed His Antler: “Is He Supposed To Lose It?”

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National Geographic

There’s just something about watching a monster bull moose shed his antlers that never fails to impress.

Like most antlered creatures, the males grow and shed their racks each year, leaving behind prized possessions for shed antler hunters, who descend into the forests after the rut looking for treasures left behind.

A family in Wyoming was treated to a rare sight when a bull moose walked right into their backyard and shed its left antler with one powerful shake of its head.

If you are aware that they lose their antlers every year, you’d immediately be filled with pure joy knowing you just got to witness an annual ritual that is very rare to see.

But, if you don’t know that moose shed their antlers, you’d likely be filled with worry for the majestic creature.

And this family did not know that moose shed their antlers…

You can hear the daughters immediately start asking questions with extreme concern in their voices.

“Oh no… oh my goodness he lost his antler… 

Is he supposed to lose it? 

What? Poor guy…”

Honestly, all stuff younger me would have said if I saw this happen, but still awesome to hear people be exposed to one of the cooler parts of nature for the first time.

The dad seemed to understand what was happening so I’m sure he explained it all once they calmed down a bit, but honestly what an incredible experience for this family.

Nature… bringing families closer.

Put that on some state park slogan.

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