Mother Duck Thrashes Seagull Who Got Too Close To Her Ducklings On Lake Ontario

Duck attacks seagull
Stephen Hermer

Put some respect on the duck’s name.

For the most part, ducks are an afterthought.

Sure, some people go crazy when hunting season rolls around (looking at you Riley Green) but for so many of us, they’re just a pretty bird you see while fishing or taking the family to the park.

But after watching this video, I have to say I’m pretty impressed.

Some people were out around Lake Ontario back in 2010 and were taking video of a mother duck and her brood of ducklings when a seagull came flying down and landed in the water just a few feet away.

We’ve seen seagulls take down an entire eel in just one bite, and while they’re best known as scavengers, they will hunt down rodents, fish, reptiles, and other birds when given the chance, so you would expect the mother duck to try and move her children away.

But instead of flight, this duck’s fight instinct kicked in.

Seemingly less than a second after the seagull landed on the water, the duck pounced on it with a violence I would never have though in a million years it was capable of. It pecks mercilessly at the gull while using its legs and body to push it under the surface in hopes of drowning it, or at least teaching it a good lesson.

In the end, the gull appears to be on its last leg and fortunately for it the ducks returns to take care of her babies, but my goodness that was a thrashing.

Haven’t seen domination like that since Riley Green snapped a guy’s arm in half while arm-wrestling at Flora-Bama…

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