Outlaw Country Legend Jessi Colter Announces New Album ‘Edge Of Forever’

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Chris Phelps

New music is on the way from the iconic Jessi Colter.

Slated for an October 27th release with Appalachia Record Co., Jessi Colter makes her return after a six-year break with her upcoming album Edge Of Forever. Produced by Margo Price and her son Shooter Jennings, Colter is bringing back her iconic outlaw sound with a twist.

Price and Colter met in 2017, quickly forming a bond and becoming instant friends.

“When the force of nature that is Jessi Colter rolled into my life and picked me up in her Mercedes convertible, I knew I was in for a wild ride.

When I felt lost, I could call on her, and she would pray for me – with me. Jessi has such a strong faith, it’s inspiring to be near her.”

Price said, describing their early interactions.

Colter curated the ten-track album with the help of Margo Price’s band and recorded the record over a few days in Nashville, Tennessee.

As her 13th studio album, Jessi Colter called this her love project.

“It was really sheer enjoyment for me to be able to do because I really hadn’t planned anything much further.

‘Edge of Forever’ is a love project.”

Often dubbed “The First Lady Of Outlaw Country,” Jessi Colter shared a love for country music with her late and great husband, Waylon Jennings, having made them the ultimate country music power couple. This album highlights parts of their love story featuring songs that have never been heard. Songs that were written during the height of outlaw country music in the 1970s turned into lost songwriting books and are now being brought into the light.

Colter also brings her daughter, Jenni Eddy Jennings, into the project highlighting her talent through collaborative tunes.

Along with the album announcement, Colter also released the album’s lead single today, “Standing On The Edge Of Forever.” The single addresses rebuilding confidence through self-reflection and wanting to start a new chapter after love and loss through a groovy melody.

The song ties in twangs from slide guitars with elements of psychedelic rock and blues, giving a very fresh perspective on what outlaw country music can mean.

“When she sang “Standing On The “Edge of Forever “and “Angel In The Fire” back to back for me, I was blown away.

It was such refined writing, the work of someone who had been continuously, quietly honing her craft. I knew she had to make another album, and told her I would love to be a part of that experience.”

Margo Price described hearing the single along with another track, “Angel In The Fire,” for the first time.

The hook of:

“Standing on the edge of forever
it’s now or never
that’s what I said to you.
and what did you do?”

Is a catchy conversational aspect of the single, highlighting Colter’s dialog of wanting a fresh start.

With Jessi Colter’s Pentecostal upbringing, she has always incorporated gospel music into her body of work, and listeners can expect to hear those roots throughout Edge Of Forever.

Edge of Forever Tracklist:

Standing on the Edge of Forever
I Wanna Be With You (feat. Margo Price)
Hard On Easy Street
Lost Love Song (feat. Margo Price)
Angel in the Fire
Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus
With or Without You
Fine Wine
Maybe You Should (feat. Margo Price)
Secret Place (feat. Jenni Eddy Jennings)

“Standing On The Edge Of Forever”

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